Mahaprabhu has told us, “You should chant Krsna’s name. Hare Krsna.” Actually Krsna has ordered this in the shape of Mahaprabhu, and therefore we must follow. Understand that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is Sri Guru. He is Krsna Himself, with the mood of Srimati Radhika. It is very important to know this.

Does anyone know anything in this world that can cover the knowledge of Mahaprabhu? Can anything be hidden from Him? For those who have this guru, Mahaprabhu, their hearts cannot be cheated or bluffed. Never. Those who try to bluff guru will be bluffed instead. We should not try to cheat guru or Vaisnavas. All Vaisnavas are guru, and to do what they desire is bhakti.

Murwillumbah, Australia: January 24, 2001

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Late one night, Srila Gurudeva was in repose in his room when his rest was stirred by clamorous banging on the metal gate at the entrance to the temple. After rising an making his way downstairs, he saw a distraught woman and her sons huddled anxiously around a man at the front gate. Mumbling incoherently while shaking in violent spasms on the ground, the unfortunate man seemed neurotic. Seeing Srila Gurudeva at the gate, a boy pleaded, “Help! Please open the gate and help us!”

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Every evening when he returned home, Viśvāvasu distributed prasādam, and everyone flocked to him to receive some of the mercy. This is the nature of sādhus. Sādhus are family members of God and they have love for everyone. Don’t think that sādhus think, “You are mine, you are mine, you are not mine. You are my follower, you are not. I will help you, I won’t help you.” This is not the nature of a genuine sādhu. The family members of God are the well-wishers, friends, and benefactors of all living beings. Viśvāvasu gave everyone prasādi-candana and flowers. Every day he offered many things to his beloved Lord and he would bring the prasādi remnants to distribute for the benefit of the people and animals. He then gave caraṇāmṛta, water that had bathed the Lord. Drinking this water, people forgot all their troubles. Vidyāpati approached Viśvāvasu and humbly requested for caraṇāmṛta. “Where have you come from?” Viśvāvasu asked. “No outsiders ever come to this village. How did you come? It must be by God’s desire. Here, take.” Where is the rest of the world, and where is this Cakra-tīrtha, this eternal center of Śrīla Gurudeva’s? How have you all come here? Why aren’t other people here? It is not possible for everyone. Those who have received special mercy from Gurudeva and God can be present here. Viśvāvasu had this faith in the Lord and His plan. He gave caraṇāmṛta, candana, and prasādi-flowers to Vidyāpati; he then gave prasādam to Vidyāpati and the villagers. Everyday Viśvāvasu milked cows and made preparations like ksira-sagara, amrta-keli, ksiri, and many other delicious dishes. He offered these to the Lord, and in the evening, when He returned to the village he distributed this to everyone. The villagers would wait eagerly to receive a spoonful of prasāda. Viśvāvasu did not think of collecting anything from the villagers. He had no business mentality. Nowadays, almost everyone in the world thinks about business and moneymaking, even supposed sādhus. They sell the temple prasāda in stalls and are concerned solely with money. However, great Vaiṣṇavas, and the Guru-varga do not do such business. They believe that God is the maintainer and will arrange everything. He has given us the fortune of receiving His prasādam, but if we do business with that, we will be deprived of His mercy. We are so fortunate that here, one Jagannātha cook daily brings prasāda for the devotees and he will take nothing in return. What can you give him? He has everything, being the direct servant of the Lord of the Universe, Jagannātha. Westerners aren’t even allowed in the temple, but Jagannātha is so merciful that He Himself has arranged to send His prasāda here for us, without taking any remuneration. Honoring the prasāda given by Viśvāvasu, Vidyāpati considered his life a success. Viśvāvasu kindly gave Vidyāpati a place to sleep in his home. That night, however, Vidyāpati could not sleep. When one is tired, he can sleep. But if he is filled with love for God, how will sleep come to him? Mahāprabhu with His devotees danced and sang in saṅkīrtana-rasa throughout the night. The gopīs danced with Kṛṣṇa throughout a night lasting a day of Brahmā. Vidyāpati, during the night, chanted oṁkāra and the Bhāgavatam ślokas. These mantras continually ran over his tongue, and he felt an unparalleled joy he had never experienced before; he did not even notice how the night passed and morning came. The next day, he did not want to leave. He considered what to do, and asked permission from Viśvāvasu to stay on for a few days. Viśvāvasu said, “I will pray to Lord Śrī Hari and will let you know soon.” Viśvāvasu prayed and then agreed; he understood that Vidyāpati had come by the will of the Lord. Over the following days, Vidyāpati’s respect for Viśvāvasu and Lalitā increased, and he began to develop an affectionate relation with them. He never wanted to leave.

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