Gurudeva Katha 1997 Lectures Narada Glorifies Lord Brahma - 28 June 1997

Narada Glorifies Lord Brahma – 28 June 1997

Narada Glorifies Lord Brahma: Brhad-Bhagavatamrta Part 1 – France 1997 28 June

Srila Gurudeva: Now Narada has known the glories of Brahma. He at once flew to Brahmaloka where Brahma was.

I want to say something. Where is the pujari? Raghunnatha Bhatta? Where is Raghunnatha Bhatta? He went. Why did he go?

Flowers should not be washed by water. Never. If they are washed by water, they become impure and should not be given to Gurudeva, Thakurji, or anyone… So, we should not do like that. Don’t wash the flowers. Pick those that are pure, not rotten, not eaten by any insets, with holes here and there, and from a very sacred place they should be taken. But don’t wash them. If you are washing them, they will be impure and Krsna will not accept it. I saw that the pujari was washing them.

If you are thinking, “Nityananda Prabhu is my guru, Rupa Gosvami is my guru, or Baladeva Prabhu is my guru,” still they will not come to tell you all these things. A living guru is needed—essential. They will not do this. They will inspire things if you are sincere, pure hearted and developed in your Krsna consciousness; then they will do something. Otherwise, they have sent their delegates, their manifestations. We should accept a living guru. A picture of Guru will not do. The picture will not tell anything. To whom it will tell? It will tell one who is realized and very developed in Krsna consciousness. The vigraha or photo will talk. He will say, “I want some water.” The photo will speak. “I am tired. I am now hungry. Give me something.” Not to general persons they will speak. So, we need all these things.

Don’t wash flowers in dreams or anywhere [audience laughs]. Even in your dreams. It is offensive to wash flowers with water. Never do it. Understand? What am I saying?

[Devotees discuss and ask Srila Gurudeva further questions.]

Why chemicals? Your love and affection should be very high. With that you should offer.

patram puspam phalam toyam
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam
asnami prayatatmanah

Bhagavad-gita 9.26

[If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit a water, I will accept it.]

Yo me bhaktya. You should do. You can give a sprinkle of candan to that flower. Or you can say:

puspe puspe mahapuspe supuspe puspa sambhave puspe—like this. [audience laughs]. A picture will not tell you all these things. Nityananda Prabhu will not come. He has sent His mercy through living gurus. They are rare but they are there. This is okay, but I think more rare are disciples in this world who want only krsna-prema, not anything else. We should be like this, then Krsna is bound to arrange all these things. He is more worried for us, so He will arrange. Have so much strong faith in Krsna.

We are coming to the subject. Narada came to his father, his guru, Brahma. Brahma is also our sampradaya guru, adi-guru. Narada heard from Indra and came to that place. Up to the king of South India, the devotees were all bhauma-bhakta. When it came to Indra, it became divya, and after that what loka? Prapancatita. But now Narada is in divya loka. After Brahma it is divya loka. Why are they bhauma-bhaktas? They have no experience that I am the soul, part and parcel of Krsna. They know that they are the physical body. Those devotees think, “I am Mr. John. I am Habibullah.” Habibullah you know? [audience laughs] “I am Krsna dasa, I am this body.” They have heard that we are not the physical body, but yet they are entangled in this physical body. They are all bhauma. There is a little bhakti covered with karma. They are all bhauma. Then there is also those that are covered with karma but are somewhat superior. Their ista-deva can speak, move here and there and they can protect them directly. Like Upendra talks with Indra. He can save him quickly. He can speak in friendly terms, yet this is not parthyu, it is divya. Divya means their body is not made of…There are the five elements there also, but air is prominent. In this world, among the five, earth is prominent. Air is somewhat superior than earth, so they can fly and go here and there and hear everything from the current of the air. They are more powerful, but even still they are covered by the activities of this world; what they have gained from here. They are not aprakrta.

Narada came and saw that sarsasirsa Bhagavan. Laksmi was serving and from His navel, a lotus had come and on that Brahma was sitting and praying. The Lord was taking something. What? Yajna-bhava. He is Yajnesvara. All the Vedas, in their personified forms were praying. After some time, He at once went somewhere and disappeared. He told Brahma, “You should go to this universe, in this brahmanda, and look after where things are going bad and good. You should manage this.”

Quickly the Lord went somewhere else. No one could understand where He had gone. Brahma did not know also. Brahma quickly came to this world and visited everything. When he was satisfied, he returned to Brahmaloka. Now he was sitting on the throne and the Vedas were reciting stavas about Brahma. Narada came quickly and was at once astonished. He had four mouths. The Vedas are coming spontaneously. The Puranas were there. The Upanisads were there. So many rsis and maharsis were there. They were all glorifying him.

Narada went at once there and fell flat before the lotus feet of Brahma and began to speak. “Oh, you are glorious. You are dhanya. Your life is blessed. You are certainly most dear to Krsna. You are pitamaha, the forefather of all the rsis.” [Devotee translates pitamaha as grandfather] Grandfather only? [audience laughs] He is the grand-grand-grand-maha-grand-father for all this world and all the rsis and maharsis. “You are the father of Narada and of Sanaka, Sanandana, and Sanatana. You are the father of the Sapta-rsis, Vasistha, Pula, Kratu, and Gautama. You are the creator of this world, the supporter of this world, and also the destroyer of this world. You can give any benediction to anyone. Oh, I never realized this. You are very near and dear to Krsna. Not this fact only. You are Himself Krsna. You sometimes become Brahma, sometimes Visnu and even you become Siva; so you are supreme. There is not another greater loka than your loka. You can give any benediction to anyone.” Saying this, he was praying to Brahma.

Brahma heard this and felt so sinful that he put his fingers in his ears. “Oh, my dear son, how are you? You are not intelligent. I have told you so many things with so many examples and pramana, proofs and evidence, that I am not Krsna, I am not the creator. Actually, I am not Brahma, I am not the creator of this world. Only Krsna’s prakriti is. By the inspiration of Krsna, she creates this world. I never do this. Only by the iccha, the desire of Krsna. She is Yogamaya or Mahamaya. She creates not only this world, but cit-jagat, the eternal world; she has also created that. Being Mahamaya, she has created lakhs and lakhs of brahmandas but the root of it all is Krsna’s desire. I am nothing. I cannot do anything. I am hearing from you that I am Krsna, so I must be doing some aparadha, some offense. Don’t tell me this in the future, that I am Krsna or anything. Daso ‘smi daso ‘smi.” Daso ‘smi means? I am the servant, I am the servant.

“My boy, you don’t know that I am an offender of the lotus feet of Krsna. I am not really His devotee. I have not served Him so much. I am always doing offenses. Did you know I gave a benediction to Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyakasipu was a Vaisnava-drohi, against the Vaisnavas? He was against Prahlada Maharaja. Prahlada Maharaja, in the assembly of all the boys, was clapping and chanting Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.” [During the chanting Srila Gurudeva says “All do! All do!” encouraging everyone to clap and chant, the mrdanga and kartalas begin to play]. Because some demon boys were sleeping, that was why he was clapping so much. By clapping sleepiness will go away.

When Prahlada was doing kirtan loudly, it went in the ear of Hiranyakasipu, who came there with a club. He came and said, “What are you doing you nonsense!” He was threatening like so.

“I was that Brahma who gave the benediction to Hiranyakasipu. At last, the Lord had to come in the form of Nrsimhadeva to protect Prahlada, so I have done an offense. Also, I gave a benediction to Ravana, and from that he was so powerful that he took Sita, the wife of Rama. Rama is Krsna. Nrisimha is also Krsna. That demon took Sita from Rama and took her to his capital. Rama had to go there and fight a very big battle. After that He killed Ravana and the He took Sita back. I have done these offenses. Do you know that I have come from His navel in a lotus. What is a lotus? It is jad-padartha, it has no sense. My mother has no sense, so I also have no sense.” Understand what I am saying? What have I told? The lotus flower has no intelligence. It is not cit-padartha. It is only matter. You can put it down here and it will not move anywhere—nothing. “So like that, I am jada. I have no intelligence. Why? I gave power to Indra and Indra fought with Krsna. Krsna wanted the parijata-puspa. He wanted sudarma-sabha, but Indra, by my power, was abusing Krsna saying, ‘Oh you are a human being and you want my garden? This parijata you cannot have.’ Then Krsna began to fight with him and He defeated Indra. By my power, Indra was so strong, but he was misusing this power. It is my fault that I gave this to Indra.

Also, do you know Varuna-devata? Once Nanda Baba, with his whole family and the Vrajavasis, came to the bank of the Yamuna river and he was fasting for Ekadasi. In the night, Nanda Baba thought, “Night has passed and only one hour is left. It is brahma-muhurta so I should take bath.” He began to take bath in the Yamuna in the night. At once Kuvera ordered his messengers to imprison Nanda Baba and bring him to his court. Nanda Baba was taken there. All the Vrajavasis were searching where Nanda Baba had gone. They thought he had drowned in the river. Krsna-Balarama and all were searching. They searched in the river, but Nanda Baba was not there. Then Krsna went alone to Varuna-loka and saw that Varuna was there. Varuna fell flat before the lotus feet of Krsna and apologized. He brought back Nanda Baba and gave so many jewels and everything to Krsna. Then Krsna returned back. It was my power that was invested in Kuvera and he has done an offense to Krsna. So, I am always committing offenses.”

“Do you know Kuvera? You know him very well. What did Kuvera do? His messenger is Sankhacuda. Once Krsna was playing in Vrndavan near Radha Kunda and that Sankhacuda came and took all the gopis, herding them like sheep. At last, he took Srimati Radhika on his shoulders and was quickly running. All were crying and weeping. Krsna and Baladeva heard their weeping. At once They followed them. Krsna told Baladeva, ‘You should protect all the gopis. I am coming very soon after killing Sankhacuda.’ Krsna followed Sankhacuda, and after, Sankhacuda kept Srimati Radhika lower down and quickly ran, but Krsna caught hold of him and took his mani, his jewel.” That was the symantaka jewel. Krsna has two jewels; kaustuba and syamantaka. He took this jewel and gave it to Baladeva.

Why to Baladeva? Krsna thought, “All my gopis will come and see that the demon is killed and become very happy and they will see that I have this jewel. To whom should I give it? If I am giving this to anyone directly in their council, they will see that I am giving it to someone and all will have some quarrel. What to do?” Krsna was so intelligent. He gave it at once to Baladeva and Baladeva gave it to Madhumangala, and Madhumangala gave it to Lalita-Vishaka and in this process it came to Srimati Radhika, so that no one would become upset.”

Brahma continued, “This Sankhacuda had done so much offense and this offense is really the offense of Brahma because he has given power to Kuvera and Kuvera’s messenger did such wrongdoing. Kuvera also has two sons, Nalakuvera and Manigriva, who were very beautiful, very wealthy and very learned, coming in a very good royal family. They were always committing offenses. Narada saw them taking a naked bath with apsaras and gave a curse to them. They came to Vraja but they became the friends of Kamsa. Kamsa told them, “Go to the door of Yasoda Bhavan, the house of Nanda Baba. Be there and if Krsna comes, then you should fall down so Krsna will die.” They came with that mood there. When Krsna came to them, they were not touched by Krsna but by the grinding mortar. That grinding mortar was related to Krsna by some rope and the rope was related to Krsna, though it was indirect. They were wishing to crush Krsna but Yogamaya was there. They wanted to fall on Krsna, but at once they fell like this, [away from Krsna]. Krsna was saved. This was also an offense by me. I also gave some power to Indra. What did Indra do? Krsna knew that Indra thought, “I am very powerful. I can give rain showers, water, anything. I am worshipable to all the gopas and the entire world.”

Krsna told all the Vrajavasis, “You should honor and worship Govardhana.” They all worshipped Govardhana instead. Krsna Himself was worshipping. Seeing this, Indra became upset and made a very mota shower, heavy shower. Thunderbolts were there.

“Indra has done so much offense to Krsna only due to me,” Brahma said. “Not only this. One time I went to Vrndavana and offended Krsna. I stole away all the calves and cowherd boys of Krsna. That is why Krsna had to Himself become all the calves, cowherd boys, bansuris, plows, sticks, kambalias and everything. So, I offended Krsna for one year. That is why I feared being in Vrndavan. That is why I prayed to Krsna, ‘Mujhe ksama kijiye, excuse me.’ But, Krsna was not happy. I know this. So, I don’t go to Vrndavana, otherwise I might create some offense. If I will see that Yasoda is binding Krsna with his two hands [behind Him], and she is twisting the ear of Krsna, then I will think that He is merely a boy, not the Supreme Personality.

When Brahma apologized Krsna told him, “Why are you praying to Me, tad astu me natha sa bhuri-bhago?”

Brahma was praying, “I want to be anything from this Vraja.”

Krsna said, “I am always impure. I am simply a cowherd boy. I never wash My hands. I take the remnants from all the gopalas here. I never wash my hands if I am taking anything. I do like this, [only wiping the hand], this is enough.” [Gurudeva responds to bhakta saying that for devotees they should wash their hands and mouth]. They don’t care for that. I am speaking about Krsna and then after I will speak that. If it is Krsna or the associates of Krsna they should not do these rules, otherwise they should do. This is the thing.

tad astu me natha sa bhuri-bhago
bhave ‘tra vanyatra tu va tirascam

“I want to be any of the Vrajavasis. Even a blade of grass. If Krsna is not pleased with me, then He can make me a grass. Not even in Vrndavan—in Gokula. If He will not give me a birth with a human body, then I want that I should be a stone even. I want that any sweeper who is always sweeping stool and everything, after their job, he will wash his hands and rub his feet on that stone. I even want to be that stone. Why? Because Vrndavana is so wonderful and transcendental, but I am not so lucky. I have done so many offenses. Really, I am not a bhakta. You are telling me that I am Krsna, I am the creator, but this is quite false. I have told you so many times to never tell me these things.”

There are two Brahmas actually. One is hiranya-garba and the other, vairaja. Brahma is of two kinds. One is Hiranyagarba. He is Himself Garbodaksayi, the worshipable Lord of Brahma. Sometimes Vairaja Brahma has the job of creating this world. What is the meaning that Brahma creates? In India there is a motor factory. They bring an engine from America, headlights from England, the body from Yugoslavia, some parts from Germany, some from Holland, and some from France and in India they assemble it and say it is ‘Hind Motor.’ Actually, the parts are from various countries. In this way all the articles are from Krsna. Brahma cannot do anything. He can adjust and mix all these things. Krsna can give the paint and then the motor can be painted. This paint is not Brahma’s. The machine Brahma cannot make.

The scientists, what can they do? They cannot even create a leg of an ant or even a little particle. Sometimes I see some insects that are very small that we can see only by microscope. They have legs and everything. Can the scientists create that? Even a body they cannot create, what to speak of life, mind etc. If they can do this, then why do they die? Why do doctors die? They tell their patients, “You will have to take fish, then you will be saved.” But why are they themselves dying? Don’t take these suggestions. Only some things you can take. Brahma is saying, “I am Vairaja Brahma, not Hiranya-garba. He is my worshipable Lord.”

Narada wants to establish this as truth, that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but that Krsna should be Vrajendra-nandana Syamasundara, Radhanatha, Radha Govinda, Radha Madan Mohan, Radha Syamasundara, Radha Raman, and those devotees of that Lord is supermost and that loka is supermost. After that, there is no loka. There are three things: Krsna, Krsna loka and Krsna’s devotees. From the beginning he is going [through these stages], so that we can realize this very easily, starting from those who are worshipping Krsna but also worshipping so many incarnations like Jagannathadeva, Baladeva, Subhadra, Ramacandra, Sankara, Ganesa—so many Deities are there. What does this mean? They are not one-pointed. They have no belief in anyone. They should be one-pointed. If Krsna is worshiped then, tasmin tuste jagat tuste. If Krsna is not satisfied, we cannot satisfy anyone. We should have very strong faith in this. We should worship Radha Raman, Radha Govinda and Radha Gopinatha. They are the same, but even there is some speciality with each. Radha-Krsna, Radha-Ramana, Radha-Damodara—are their any specialties? Who is Radha-Damodara? Simply Damodara is Yasoda Damodara, having a rope around His waist that Yasoda has bound. What is the meaning of Radha Govinda? He is doing rasa in Vrndavana and singing with the gopis. What is the meaning of Gopinatha? He has now become only Gopinatha, not any other. He is controlled by the gopis. What the gopis will order He will have to obey. You know seva-kunj in Vrndavana? In Vrndavana especially, there is seva-kunj. Everywhere else the gopis or anyone can worship Krsna, but in that place Krsna is the worshipper and servant serving.

If you are serving Krsna then you have served everyone. If you are chanting the holy names, then you have done lakhs and lakhs of births worshipping and doing all other things. You have read all the Vedas, Puranas and sastra. You have done this before. You have taken bath in so many pious places, like Prayaga and all other places. Be strong in this thing. If you are serving Krsna and have devotion to Him then you have done everything in past births. You will have to know all these things and do accordingly. I wanted to finish this book, but there are two chapters. In the first chapter, I have done only one-fourth. So, I am worried. I wanted to touch the glories of the gopis. I will try my best. There are three classes more. In the evening and two times in the morning. I have three classes. I want to help all the devotees, but you should also help me. How can you help me? You can help me. If you are not helping then how can I speak hari-katha to you? You are helping me by this. You should give your full hearts to me so I can purify and offer them to Radha-Krsna.

You should chant. Like Nityananda Prabhu, I am praying to you, yatestam re bhratah! kuru hari-hari-dhvanam anisam.

All devotees should always chant, ‘hari hari’. Gaura Premanande! Never give up this path. There is no path except the bhakti line to Krsna. Anyhow you should go on chanting, remembering and doing all services to Krsna with very strong will. Don’t delay. If you can go to India, I will help you there also. If you invite me anywhere, you know I am poor, you will have to manage everything, but I may come because I want to obey Svamiji. Don’t be hopeless. Don’t be hopeless. Asa bandha. If you have so much strong faith, Krsna is bound to give His mercy. So, in three classes I will try to give you more and more things. Today is finished.

Gaura Premanande!

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