Acaryas Quotes Gurudeva said today How to Progress in Bhakti

How to Progress in Bhakti

Śrīla Gurudeva: Are you doing well in your bhajana?

Devotee 1: No, Mahārāja. I’m not focused while chanting japa. I’m not sure about what I should be doing.

Śrīla Gurudeva: Try to progress. Concentrate on the mercy of the name. When remembering the names and chanting japa-mālā, in your heart, at that time, think, “I’m not qualified, and I’m offensive, so they (the names) should give mercy to me to get rid of all these things.” Then the mercy will come. Then always pray that they should have mercy on you so your bhajana should be fine. Have no worldly ambition. Nothing at all. Pure object.

Devotee 2: I have bad dreams. What is this?
Śrīla Gurudeva: Drink water and sleep. Always keep your mind firm and quiet. It will go, by-and-by.

Not at once it will go. For hundreds of millions of births we have been doing, so it will go in time.

Srila Gurudeva – March 25, 1993 Mathurā

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