Audio Katha Gopal-campu, Vastra Harana Lila - Prabhuji - 25 Mar 2020

Gopal-campu, Vastra Harana Lila – Prabhuji – 25 Mar 2020

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Choosing Sides – Bhagavad Gita

On one side it is seen that the materialists have a larger gathering of followers, and on the other side the number of devotees are far fewer. Seeing the devotees, it appears they are poor and unhappy and the enjoyers are wealthy and have so many followers. They show themselves to be so happy, externally. Then which side will one take? On one side, Bhīṣma-pitāmaha blew his conch shell and all the others played on their instruments making a tremendous sound. On the Pāṇḍavas’ side there is a smaller number of warriors. The Kauravas had many maharathis and atirathis on their side. They had many other soldiers, horses, elephants and opulent chariot fighters. Whereas the Pāṇḍavas had a small army compared to the Kauravas. It thus appears externally that the ability of the devotees is less than that of the materialistic demons. After seeing this some may think, "I will change sides, there is no hope." This often occurs...


How many people have love for Guru-pāda-padma? How many have room for him in their hearts? How many like him? Who understands his specialties? Who is serious? Some people think that their nourishment can come from any farmhouse, where they will eat and become fat and healthy. But this is impossible. That food is not helpful for you. One who always drinks filtered, purified water will not and cannot drink drain water or ordinary tap water. The glories of the Vrajavāsīs are rarely available. Without a Vrajavāsī, the Vrajavāsīs cannot be glorified. What Śrīla Gurudeva explained to us is ve rare, and is the wealth of our lives, and the wealth of this line. Param Gurudeva said to him, “I am very fortunate. My paramparā will not stop. You are a Vrajavāsī, so you will continuously distribute vraja-rasa.” Many people follow bhakti, but mixed bhakti. They do not know what pure bhakti is. They have no idea. They perform worship, service, and do vratas, but all for the maintenance and prosperity of the body. They have no idea about the soul and how the soul is spiritually born. You cannot simply sow any seed in any place at any time of the year, give it some water, and expect it to grow. The expert gardener knows exactly when, where, and how to plant the many different seeds, and what care and nourishment they need. Śrīla Gurudeva came to distribute rāgānugā, rūpānuga-bhakti. He was sent by the Divine Couple to fulfill Their desire for this line of rūpānuga-bhakti to be spread throughout the world. This was Mahāprabhu’s desire when He appeared in this world.


Rādhārānī is the prema-sūrya, the sun of divine love. Everyone who is lit up by the rays of love...


Śrīla Gurudeva went to houses of people from all walks of life to inspire them to practice bhakti. When a local congregational member was struggling or someone was sick in the family, Gurudeva would go and give comfort and help. He once went at dawn, without telling anyone he was leaving, and did not return until late morning. His brahmacārī assistant had prepared his breakfast as normal, but when Śrīla Gurudeva returned, he said, “I already ate.” “Where?” the brahmacārī asked. “I went to the home of poor gṛhasthas who keep donkeys for labor work. One of them was sick, so I went to help.”

The Powers of an Ekadasi Family

One can practice the sixty-four kinds of bhakti on Ekadasi day, thinking, "I will take leave from my office and worldly affairs, in the morning performing arati and until the night not engaging in any worldly activities, not taking any grains, and always reading and hearing Bhagavatam." Certainly he will gain from this...

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