Gurudeva Katha 1997 Lectures Secrets of Damodara-lila - 24 Feb 1997 Bali, Denpasar

Secrets of Damodara-lila – 24 Feb 1997 Bali, Denpasar

Srila Gurudeva: In Damodar lila there are so many things to know. All the gopis used to complain to Yasoda Maiya that Krsna is so naughty and steals butter, and everything, in their houses and does so many naughty things.

They said, “We see that in His future He will be so naughty, so you should try to check Him.”

One day Yasoda was churning yogurt and Krsna was sleeping. He woke up and wandered where HIs mother was. He began to call to her, “Mother, mother,” He called and began to weep.

What was Mother Yasoda doing? She was singing: “Govinda Damoda Madhaveti, Govinda Damoda Madhaveti, Govinda Damoda Madhaveti, Govinda Damoda Madhaveti!”

Like this, she was singing with a sweet voice and a sound was coming from her bangles, like a mrdanaga, dik dik than. For those that haven’t served Krsna, it was singing dik dik…Oh alas! Alas! Fie on them, fie on them, and then than.

Mother Yasoda was of a golden complexion, like golden turmeric and she was totally absorbed in churning and Krsna was calling but she was not hearing.

Anyhow He came down from the cot and was loudly crying, with kajala in His eyes and rubbing them and tears were coming from His eyes in streams like the Ganga and Yamuna. He was quite naked apart from a peacock feather on His head. He came to Yasoda Maiya but still she was not hearing His weeping.

So with one hand He grabbed the churning stick and with the other He caught the veil of Mother Yasoda and thus the churning was stopped.

So she took Him in her lap and kept Him under her anchal, her veil. Tears of love were coming to her eyes and milk started to flow from her breasts, and Krsna was hungry so He was drinking very quickly. In the meantime Mother Yasoda saw that the milk on the stove was boiling and dropping over the sides of the pot. Yasoda Ma thought that, “Oh this milk wants to serve Krsna but He is taking my milk.”

We should understand that the ocean of milk has come from the breasts of Mother Yasoda. Everywhere in the world where you see milk, it has come from Mother Yasoda. Her motherly love in the form of milk is boundless and depthless. And in Krsna’s mouth, the whole world is present and in His stomach the whole world is also there. So Krsna can take so many oceans—lakhs and lakhs of oceans of milk—but He would still feel empty and Mother Yasoda’s milk was so endless that hundreds of Krsna’s can take her milk, but it would never be diminished.

So the milk saw this and thought that it had no chance to serve Krsna, so it is thinking, “What is the use of this life?” And that it should give it up.

Narottama das Thakur is also saying, “If I am not serving, then I am unfortunate. In this life I have not served Krsna, I am always busy with worldly things, always sleeping, and collecting worldly things, but yet am not happy. These things are like poison but still we are collecting and giving up the nectar of bhakti and prema, so I should die. Oh! Why am I maintaining my life?”

So the milk is thinking like this and is going to give up his life. We should also think, “Why is my life useless? If I am not serving, not doing proper bhajan and sadhana, then what is the use of this life?”

Having some sense then, we can see that we are fortunate to have some good association but we have given up all these things and taken poison so why shouldn’t I die? But Brahma has made us, and our hearts are made of stone, therefore they have not melted.

We should always think in the evening, when we are going to bed, in what stage we are? Today have we increased our faith to serve Krsna or not? When we do business and we are closing our shop or office then we should calculate whether we have made a profit or loss. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati used to tell that everyday at the end of your day we should calculate whether our bhakti has increased, is the same, or whether it has gone down. Daily we should do like this.

If our association is okay, then our faith and bhakti will increase, and if our association is not good, then it will go down and our association will be normal. Visaya sanga is also there, visaya means sense enjoyer, asat sanga is also there, and then there is association with those on the same level, which will make our progress stagnant.

So we have taken initiation about 12 or 24 years before and now we will calculate whether our seva and sadhana bhajan is the same as it was at the beginning, or it has gone some lower degree, or it has advanced.

It is easy to calculate all these things, and if we see that we are at the same stage as at the beginning and not increasing then visaya sanga, asat sanga, and sadhu sanga are all going on and we are doing some offenses also. I think that you can realize these things.

When we first come to our Gurudeva we are so energetic, but now if there is sadhu sanga, then you will still be energetic and go up, up, but if you are not now energetic like that, then you should think that we must be doing some offenses. Anarthas must be there and not superior sadhu sanga, association, so this thing is going down.

So we should try to correct ourselves. A man cannot be in the same class always for twenty years. If he is in the same class, then it means that he is not reading and actually he is just playing football and cricket and all other things. So we should also calculate these things, otherwise there will be no advancement.

Now here Mother Yasoda is thinking, “I should help and save this milk.”

She at once gave up Krsna who was weeping and then Krsna caught hold of her by His hands like a baby monkey, very tightly on her breast with His mouth still sucking and He was thinking, “Oh I am still hungry, where are you going, you should not go.”

So He tightly held, Svayam Bhagavata, He used His whole power, sarva saktiman, but Yasoda Ma gave a slap. “Ah! Sit down here,” she told Him.

Putana had the power of thousands of elephants and had tried with her whole power to pull Krsna off her breast but she could not do. However, Yasoda in one moment pulled Him off and sat Him down. He became so angry sitting there.

We should think, why did Yasoda Ma do this? Did she love the milk more than Krsna? Is this bhakti? Why did she do so?
Here, we should try to know the meaning of bhakti, that Rupa Goswami has told:

anyabhilasita-sunyam jnana-karmady-anavrtam
anukulyena krsnanu-silanam bhakti uttama

We should all try to remember this sloka. To please Krsna is bhakti. But Krsna is angry here and He broke the vessel. So is it bhakti or not? Yes, it is bhakti.

Why? She is thinking that her breast milk cannot serve Krsna. There should be makhan, butter, and other things for the service and well being of Krsna. Whether Krsna will cry or not, she is doing this for His welfare, so it is bhakti. However, Canura and Mustika are also giving pleasure to Krsna, by virya rasa, and Krsna is so happy wrestling, but they are not doing it for His happiness, they want to kill Krsna. So it is pratikulya, unfavorable, not anukulya, favorable. So this is not bhakti.

So Yasoda Ma, if she takes Krsna’s ears and does like this (Gurudeva does pulling and twisting motion), it is bhakti. Krsna may cry and weep, yet it is bhakti because it is for Krsna.

So Krsna became angry and broke the vessel and Yasoda Ma returned after consoling the milk by giving some water sprinkles and telling the milk that she will give it to Krsna for His service and so it was consoled.

So guru is like Yasoda Maiya. Guru helps all the devotees, and gives them a chance to serve Krsna. Guru, an uttama maha-bhagavat, is in Golok Vrindavan and is remembering and serving all the pastimes of Krsna, but gives this up and comes in the stage of madhyam-adhakari, and is always helping the devotees. Some are kanistha and some are madhyam, but generally they are kanistha. The uttama maha-bhagavat guru comes down to the madhyam stage and tells the devotees, “Oh you should do this and not do this.” He sings the kirtans, emona durmati samsara bhitare and samsara davanala-lidha loka. So he comes down and gives mercy to the devotees and plays the role of a madhyam adhikari. So guru is like mother.

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What are those two fingers that Mother Yasoda couldn’t bind Krsna with? Yasoda Maiya wanted to bind Krsna by her own effort, but nobody can do like this. By our sadhana bhajan we cannot control Krsna and we cannot see Krsna. Secondly Krsna’s mercy should be there, yet we see that Krsna’s mercy is everywhere, but we are not going in the proper channel. So these are two fingers, Krsna’s mercy is one and our sadhana bhajan is the second.

The example of a cat and monkey is there. A cat’s kitten will only weep, and then their mother will come and pick them up with their mouth, and go here and there. The baby monkeys will run to there mother and catch hold of them tightly. Then the mother will jump from one tree to another tree with the baby holding on to her. She doesn’t care though, if they fall down they will not pick them up, they will give them up. So there are two methods, two fingers.

By just doing practice in bhakti yoga, all sadhana, heart to heart, Krsna will not come. If Krsna’s mercy is there but you are not doing anything, then you cannot receive the mercy, so both things have to be there. Our strong endeavor and Krsna’s mercy, if both are there, then we can see Krsna. If Krsna’s mercy is always there, but we are not doing proper sadhana and bhajan, then we can understand that that is why we are not getting any success.

We should try to weep for Krsna’s mercy, for Guru’s mercy and for the mercy of the uttama adhikari. If we are following these two things properly, then Krsna’s mercy will come and we then will be able to control Krsna like Mother Yasoda.

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Without the Vraja-devīs, He is Brahma and neutral; He is Nārāyaṇa, Viṣṇu. viśvopaplava-śamanaika-baddha-dīkṣaṁ viśvāsa-stabakita-cetasāṁ janānām praśyāma-pratinava-kānti-kandalārdraṁ paśyāmaḥ pathi pathi śaiśavam murāreḥ Kṛṣṇa-karṇāmṛta 56 On every path we see the childlike form of Murāri, whose one fixed vow is to relieve all the afflictions of those whose hearts are blossoming with faith in Him. His soft, bright bluish cheeks glow with ever new effulgence. The devotees have deep faith and love. They take dīkṣā. Does dīkṣā mean only a promise, and to try again and again? Dīkṣā means a firm vow to follow this line with an attitude of do or die. In Caitanya Mahāprabhu’s movement, if anyone takes true dīkṣā, then he becomes a follower of unnata-ujjvala-rasa. This unnata-ujjvala-rasa comes from Śrīmatī Rādhārānī. We accept dīkṣā to attain Her service. We do not take dīkṣā to attain any mundane rasa. How can this bright, clean and powerful rasa come in our heart? This unnata-ujjvala-rasa spreads from the heart of Śrīmatī Rādhārānī to all the Vraja-devīs and Vrajavāsīs and pervades all of Vraja-maṇḍala with its powerful love. The Vrajavāsīs serve Kṛṣṇa with rays of that love. To achieve that love we must have faith. Kṛṣṇa accepts that love; this is the paraphernalia, instrument, and bhoga for offering to Kṛṣṇa. Without this rasa, if you offer anything, this will not be bhoga; Kṛṣṇa will not accept it. During nāma-saṅkīrtana, or while moving anywhere, while cleaning or doing any service, if you have no love, your action is dry and not bhakti. Kṛṣṇa will never accept an offering or any service done without love. Therefore we must have deep faith. If you have faith, then all problems and other attractions and disturbances will not affect you. By taking that dīkṣā, Kṛṣṇa will stay always on the path of one’s eyes in His kiśora form, and then one will not be able to watch anything else. When and how will Kṛṣṇa come, there is no guarantee. One person is in his room, and the door and the ventilators, everything is locked and closed. Sunshine can’t even enter. He is hiding in a dark room and serving Kṛṣṇa—thinking of Kṛṣṇa. He has dīkṣā and promises to follow this line, meaning, from the early morning he remembers aṣṭa-kālīya-līlā and continuously serves in those pastimes. Then Kṛṣṇa comes and is present there. By serving Kṛṣṇa, and keeping appointments with Kṛṣṇa, no other thing will come. That Kiśora Kṛṣṇa will come. His lotus feet will walk and dance gracefully there. If anyone remembers Kṛṣṇa, then Kṛṣṇa’s mercy comes to help him. Kṛṣṇa doesn’t send His mercy. Without waiting for Kṛṣṇa’s permission, Kṛṣṇa’s karuṇā-śakti goes to help whoever is remembering Him, saying, “I will help him and make friendship with him, then he will not wait for the mercy or help of any other.” (see more)

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