Audio Katha Gopal-campu, Giriraj Glories - Prabhuji 01 Mar 2020

Gopal-campu, Giriraj Glories – Prabhuji 01 Mar 2020

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Jahnava Mata Thakurani

By Jahnava Devi’s mercy, Nityananda’s dear associate Parameshvari Das Thakur was fortunate enough to see Gopinath united with Radharani in Vrindavan. When he returned to Khardaha and told what he had seen to Jahnava and Vasudha, Jahnava was overwhelmed with loving ecstasies. She instructed him to immediately go to the village of Satpur and to install Deities of Radha and Gopinath there...


In January and February 2003, Śrīla Gurudeva went to Hawaii, then to San Francisco, Alachua, Orlando, Coral Springs, and...

Mind Dedication – Bhagavad Gita

If we do not follow Vraja bhakti, and vraja-rasa does not come to us, then one is not really called a devotee or follower of devotion. It is only so-called, like a showroom. Externally one might think, "I am a devotee." Kṛṣṇa reveals this in the beginning of Bhagavad-gītā. Arjuna said, "O Kṛṣṇa, Govinda, I require no house or servants. If I killed all the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra, what benefit would I actually achieve? What will I gain?" Arjuna did not think that the Kurus were always disturbing and tormenting others, that Duryodhana and his followers were criminals with bad mentalities. Arjuna did not think that their association was detrimental; that those same bad qualities could come to him. If one associates with wicked people, one's good character will also be lost. He would even join them to destroy the world. Nonsense people, rascals will not change. Kṛṣṇa Himself had tried again and again to change them for the better. Now, as he ventured near them with an empathetic mind, Arjuna also lost his steadiness and good intelligence...

The Seva Kunj Pujari and Srila Gurudeva's Pastime Translated

Here is the translation of the interview with Candra Mohan Prabhu, the pujari in Sri Seva Kunj, who received the instruction from Srimatiji Herself to bring Her prasada to Srila Gurudeva, who was present in Gopinatha Bhawan during the month of Kartik. This translation was kindly done by Radhacharan Das.

WHY DEVOTEE'S SHOULD BE CAREFUL ABOUT: “Eating, Sleeping, & Bhajana"

Śrīla Gurudeva instructed the brahmacārīs, “You must take special care regarding your bhojana, bhajana, and sāyana—food intake, spiritual practice, and rest. A sādhaka who desires success in spiritual life must be prudent and pure in his practice.

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