Gurudeva Katha 1997 Lectures Why Demons Can Enter Vraja - 24 Feb 1997 Bali

Why Demons Can Enter Vraja – 24 Feb 1997 Bali

Srila Gurudeva: We see that so many demons are coming in Vraja, in the pastimes of Krsna. We see that there are so many devotees doing lakhs and lakhs of years of austerities and sadhana bhajan but still they are not going there. How are these demons entering into Vrindavan, and touching Krsna, like Putana and Aghasura who took Krsna in his mouth and stomach, or Bakasura, Canura and Mustika who wrestled with Krsna, touching His body; and all the other demons, how did they enter into Vrindavan? How to reconcile all these things?

To make the service and increase the love and affection of the Vrajavasis, to renew their love again and again, Yogamaya brings the demons. They cannot come on their own wish. Kamsa cannot do anything. He cannot even come in Mathura, but Yogamaya brings them and increases the affection and love of the devotees like Yasoda Mata.

You can also realize it, like if your son is always with you, if your husband is always with you day and night, honor and love and affection will generally go down, but in the meantime if there is any separation or any suffering comes that we will be separated or he will die, and then after they again meet, then the love and affection goes so high.

In this way, Yogamaya makes the love and affection for Krsna newer and newer. So all these demons are coming. These persons like Putana, Aghasura and Bakasura, in their past life they have come into contact with any uttama maha-bhagavata like Narada or Agasta or anyone and that is why they will have to touch Krsna so that they can be liberated. So there are so many reasons in one pastime.

Putana was the daughter of Bali Maharaja in her past birth. When Vamana Maharaja came to Bali Maharaja, He was so beautiful, so she wanted to have a son like this.

Vamanadeva knew this and thought, “Oh yes I will come as a boy like this.”

However, when she saw that He was cheating her father with His big steps and He was also binding him with the snake rope, then she became so furious and thought, “Oh! If you became my son then I would give you poison!”

Vamana Maharaja accepted this and said, “Yes, you should do this. Anyway you should come in My touch and I will come in your heart and purify you and make you always engaged in My service.”

So you should think about all the demons like the sons of Kuvera, Nalakuvera and Manigriva. They became like demons, but by the association and benediction of Narada they came to Krsna, got liberated and received prema bhakti . They then went to Goloka Vrindavan and became Snigdakanta and Madhukanta, who are always singing the pastimes of Krsna in the courtyard of Nanda Baba.

So that is why the demons can enter into Vrindavan by the help of Yogamaya, otherwise there are no demons there.

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