Gurudeva Katha 1997 Lectures Teaching Vaisnava Etiquette - Australia 1997 Feb 11

Teaching Vaisnava Etiquette – Australia 1997 Feb 11

Srila Gurudeva: Even when we are going to take water from a vessel our nails should not touch the water. If we are cooking and we are giving some salt into the Dahl, that salt should not be kept where we are eating, otherwise it becomes jhuta. So, take very carefully water, salt, masala and all these things, so that all should be pure. We should not give this and that, without washing our hands, take this and that.

If you are doing anything outside the temple or outside the kitchen, you should not run back in at once. You should put water on your feet and hands. Don’t enter Thakuraji’s room with shoes, nor the kitchen, which is also a temple, where Srimati Radhika is cooking for Krsna with Her sakhis. You are not the cook, but Srimati Radhika is the cook. So it is like a temple. You should try to make it so pure always. Also try to honor all the devotees who have taken name from anyone. They are chanting harinama and therefore should be honored. If they are svajatiya, means likeminded, they should be honored more and even more if someone has taken diksa in the real sense. Not like that Gurudeva has given one thread and told only one time the mantras and now we have forgotten everything, but we are thinking that we are initiated. That is not in the real sense. If anyone has been properly given diksa initiation in the real sense, he has sambandha-jnana, knowledge of relationship, knowing who is he, who is Krsna and what is Maya. He knows all these things and has some true relationship with Krsna within one of the four types of relationship, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya and madhura.

In the beginning there is no relationship, only the conception that he is my master and I am his servant. But what kind of servant, there is not anything in our heart. Gurudeva has to develop it. So we should know all these things. If anyone is chanting Krsna’s names three lakhs daily and another person has relationship with Krsna in the real sense and is chanting less – he has such good relations with Krsna and his associates – his one name will be equal to three lakhs of names of these other devotees, who have not received initiation in the real sense.

koti janme jadi kara nama-sankirtana
tabe to na pai krsna pade prema dhana

In millions of lives he cannot attain krsna-prema. You should understand this by example. Haridasa Thakura was chanting three lakhs holy names daily and Caitanya Mahaprabhu gave him the name Namacarya and gave so much honor to Srila Haridas Thakura. He used to go to give his darsana daily in his Siddha Bakul. He had so much honor for him, that he used to go daily. Daily he would send his remnants to Haridas Thakura through his servant Govinda. But there was a boy named Rupa. He was so much junior to Srila Haridas Thakura. He was not any acarya. But although he was not chanting three lakhs daily, writing books and developing the moods that Caitanya Mahaprabhu gave him in Prayag. What did he give? He established Caitanya mano-’bhista. Who is superior? For ordinary persons Haridas Thakura is superior to Rupa Goswami. But those who know all these tattvas, they will see that Rupa Goswami is Rupa Manjari and Haridas Thakura is like Brahma and Prahlad Maharaja. Rupa is fare more superior than Haridas Thakura. Ordinary persons cannot imagine these tattvas, only those who are doing so much bhajan can realize these facts. So we should try to go deep into krsna-bhakti, taking initiation in the real sense and having some connection with Krsna. That connection should not go away in this life or other lives. This is called diksa, initiation.

But anyhow, if a person has no diksa, not anything, but is chanting Krsna’s name, yet you have to honor him, because he is chanting Krsna. He is going to become a member of Krsna’s family. So we should honor him. Even if he is rebuking us, still we should honor him. Only you can criticize your mind, that undeveloped mind, that unconscious mind. The mind is so fickle. We can take a broom and beat our mind. “Oh mind, be pure and try to serve Krsna.” So my humble prayer is to everyone to honor all the vaisnavas. Those who are senior, because they came to Gurudeva first, or came later, if they are junior, and those who are junior or senior in bhakti. We cannot realize seniority and juniority according to bhakti, although sometimes we may. We can measure seniority and juniority only from the depth that we have gone to Gurudeva. It is also okay, but that thing is more superior.

je jakhan vaisnava chiniya adhar koriya jabe

Those who are able to realize who is kanistha-vaisnava, who is madhyama-adhikari, who is uttama-adhikari, surely are above madhyama-madhyama and he should be respected. We should give respect according to the quality of a vaisnava. Whether he is in kanistha, whether he is in madhyama or if he is uttama-adhikari and according to that stage we should give honor and than we will develop so much, so much. So we should try for this.

Any kirtana?

You should do.

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Just by His desire, He lifted Giriraja-Govardhana on His little finger. Krsna expanded into millions of forms and danced with millions of gopis. At the same time, He can expand into innumerable forms. Rama, Nrsimha, Vamana, and other forms are His expansions. Bha can also mean He who nourishes this creation and all its residents. Ga means, He manages the entire creation. How does He manage the creation? In the ocean, the waves never stop appearing. They appear at the correct time. The sun and moon appear at the correct time. The day and night appear one after another just as the different seasons also appear one after another. Who controls all this? Some mothers give birth to a son while some mothers give birth to a daughter; who controls this? Who gives us the fruits of our karma? He does. Therefore, “Ga,” means He who manages the entire creation. And, “Va,” means He, who resides in the hearts of all beings and in who all beings reside. Hence, we can never be Bhagavan or Brahma. All the life forms are not in us and neither are we present in all life forms. We don’t have all the qualities like Bhagavan. We are foolish; we think of something, but do something else. Our eyes cannot see themselves. They cannot see what is behind us. It is not certain if we will live to see tomorrow. Therefore, we are ignorant; Bhagavan is the embodiment of knowledge—He is satyam-jnanam-anantam-brahma. Hence, that personality in whom these qualities are found is Bhagavan. That person who has bhakti for Bhagavan will pray, “Hey Bhagavan, I am Yours!” If someone is of this mentality and worships Bhagavan, then Bhagavan listens to His prayers. If your husband is sitting far away from you and if he doesn’t have a phone, then he will not be able to listen to your calls. He will not come. Even if he listens to your cries, what can he do? If you are dying, can your husband save you? Neither can your brother or a doctor save you. No one can save you. But, Krsna is in your heart; there is no such thing in which Krsna is not present. He is present in every atom of this creation. He is present in all animals. There is no such thing, conscious or unconscious, in which He is not present. This Prabhu should be worshiped. Worshiping Krsna is not difficult. It is very easy. It is not difficult to please your mother. Why? If you go and sit on her lap and say, “O mother,” then your mother will become pleased. So, to please Krsna is not a difficult task. Although we cannot realize Krsna by our body, senses, mind, intelligence, and consciousness; even so, He reciprocates with our loving devotion. So, engage in ahaituki bhakti to Him. What is ahaituki bhakti? It is causeless bhakti. Offering flowers to Him, don’t say, “Prabhu, I have offered You flowers and I pray that You can arrange for a building that has 150 floors. My business should improve. May my children pass their exams.” Don’t desire for anything. All these desires will deceive you. Bhagavan will give you something that you cannot imagine. Therefore, engage in His causeless devotion. Don’t engage yourself in giving and receiving—don’t become a businessman with the Lord.

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