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Only Harinam – Acarya das Br. – 22 June 2019 pm

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Mischief and Mirth – Govinda-lilamrta

If you have desire for pāramārthika dīkṣā from the eternal world, you must follow the proper process. Take shelter of līlā-śakti. She bestows līlā dhatu sobhaya. She decorates you with goodness, good qualities, good ideas and intelligence to follow the good way. Becoming trained in this process, then you will be like a lotus inside the water without getting wet. You will stay in this world with the body and mind, but will have no relation with the body and mind, and you will have no more relation with those who want to have bodily business with you. You will be separate from all mundane people. By having relation with līlā-śakti, you will continuously drink transcendental nectar. The sad gosvāmīs did not spend time collecting opulence, livestock, gardens and houses. To sustain their lives they ate buttermilk or chickpeas and sometimes fasted. They drank the ambrosia bestowed by līlā-śakti at every moment. Thus they were decorated by līlā-śakti with all goodness. Day and night they were floating, bathing and drowning in līlā-rasa. Now, we have heard something of niśānta-līlā. Kṛṣṇa was resting in brāhma-muhūrta when the time for kuñja bhanga līlā began. Kakkhaṭī, the peacocks, parrots and other animals came and gave news to Rādhā Kṛṣṇa, “The sun is rising, he is not waiting any longer. Please wake and return to Your abodes.” In this world there are many people with antagonistic mentalities. They don’t like the service of God. They want people to follow them. They are very greedy to make one separate from the service of God. Why? “Why are you following God? Why don’t you follow me? I am your parent, your brother, your guardian. Follow me.” All try to steal and make others their slaves. When the sun rises, people get strength from the power of the sun. Where do they use this? They endeavor only to make others their slaves. They learn many processes with this in mind and become very clever. By hook and crook they try to capture you. They give food, lodge, so-called love and affection and all types of mundane help. Then, when you are close and caught, they say, “You are mine, you are in my society, my family.” But after what result comes? Look at that. Think about that. Do they help you gather knowledge of the soul and Supreme Soul? Do they advise you to serve the Supreme Soul? After sometime the mundane body is lost. We become old, devoid of all power, and then our so-called relatives kick us out. When we have no more blood, they kick us out. When we have no more wealth, they kick us out. When we are strong, everyone likes to share our blood and power. As the various animals in Vraja help awake the Divine Couple in niśānta-līlā, pastimes at the end of night, the guru-varga travel around the world, going house-to-house, door-to-door, performing nāma-saṅkīrtana.

Snehamrta – Govinda-lilamrta

If you remember these pastimes as described by the gosvāmīs even just a little bit, know that you have come in contact with eternality. Now the button has been pressed on and the process initiated. Gradually these pastimes will be revealed in your heart in full detail and clarity. But if in the early morning you wake, take some tea, read the newspaper, turn on the TV and watch the news, then these pastimes will not manifest to you. Ordinary rasa will come. The best news is the news of vraja-līlā, the activities of the Divine Couple in Vraja-maṇḍala. If you can hear, contemplate, or touch them in any way, then you will become connected to the eternal world. This is the advice of Mahāprabhu’s followers. This connection is not temporary, but permanent. By following this advice of the ācāryas in our guru-varga then inspiration will come, along with so much strength and energy. You will never be hopeless or able to forget these pastimes. Eventually you will find yourself picking flowers at Kusuma-sarovara with the Vraja-devīs in your eternal form, and making beautiful garlands to offer to Rādhā and Kṛṣṇa.


The construction progressing agreeably, (for the “Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Math” in Vrndavan) Śrīla Gurudeva focused on arranging Deities for...

Jewels of the Parakiya Parampara – Govinda-lilamrta

Srimati Radharani’s name is not written in the guru-parampara. Krsna haite caturmukha, haya Krsna sevonmukha, brahma haite naradera mati narada haite vyasa, madhva kahe vyasadasa, purnaprajna padmanabha gati Radharani’s name is not written anywhere, nor is the name of the Sun written. However, in the brahma-gayatri-mantra, both the Sun and Srimati Radharani are present. It is very hidden. First this mantra worshipping Radharani is chanted. If anyone takes this mantra from a pure Guru, he can understand the meaning of this mantra by performing sincere and steadfast practice. Ordinary people have many different meanings, but these are not true. They do not understand the real meaning of Gayatri. Worshiping with this mantra is the activity of the parakiya-parampara, or gaudiya-parampara. It seems that he who chants this mantra worships Krsna, but this is not so. The Gaudiyas follow those who serve Krsna perfectly. They follow Srimati Radharani and the gopis. Outwardly they show that they are worshiping Krsna and are following Krsna, but really they are not following Him. They do Krsna-anusilanam— anusilana of Krsna. They are not chanting hari-nama, they chant Hare’s nama, or Harer nama. The names of Radharani and all the gopis. The followers in this line are very clever. They show one thing, and do another thing. They seem to go East but they are really walking West. It may look like they are walking forward, but they really walking backwards. This parakiya parampara is not so easy to understand. Those in the parakiya parampara are very strange. Outwardly, they may be sitting and eating, but what are they really doing? You must be one of them to understand.

The Agony of Departure – Govinda Lilamrta

Love seems sweet and simple, but when lovers have to part, it becomes very difficult for them to live. Although Krishna moves around and performs pastimes with the devotees of other rasas, He does everything in a dream-like state, internally absorbed in remembrance of Srimati. The parrots want to bring Krishna out of His contemplative state, otherwise He cannot do anything. The ananda-rasa of meeting is very hard to give up or forget. In this world, after lovers meet with each other, their minds and bodies become as if emptied and some bitterness comes, but the aftermath of meeting is not like that in the spiritual world. Whatever rasa or ananda there is there is unlimited. The love there only swells higher and higher-- it never diminishes. This ananda increases like an ever-swelling ocean...

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