Audio Katha Vaisnava tithis audio 06 Oct 2017 Hari-katha a.m. Param Gurudeva

06 Oct 2017 Hari-katha a.m. Param Gurudeva

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Kaliya’s Embrace – Candana-yatra

Akṣaya-tritiya is the beginning of Candana-yātrā. Where does this festival come from? How did it begin? Our guru-varga ācāryas...

Stop Cow Slaughter! – Srila Gurudeva

In a faultless manner, the people of the nation, as well as all respectable leaders, must increase the pressure on the government to stop cow slaughter. Otherwise, not only the government, but the entire nation will have to suffer the horrible result...


The association of Vaiṣṇavas who have mañjarī-bhāva will grant us entrance into Vraja and a place in the feast of anurāga. By that association we will develop the mood of a servant of the servant of the servant of the Divine Couple, and will have not even a moment to waste in sense enjoyment or bad association.

The Lord Revealed – 6.16 Srimad-Bhagavatam

If one rejects bhagavad-dharma and follows only jada-dharma he will gradually degrade himself to the lowest position imaginable in this creation. For the sake of bodily maintenance, people take up many practices and dharmas, but not bhagavad-dharma. They think, ‘He is my friend. He is my enemy,’ and they are always fearful...


Sometimes, in front of the Jagannātha Temple, Mahāprabhu’s body extended out 10 meters and all His joints slackened and became dislodged, or all His limbs went inside like a turtle and the cows came and licked Him. Mahāprabhu showed His ecstasies of mānasī-sevā. Śrīman Mahāprabhu taught all these things, but people have no time for what is the most important. They spend all their time for the mind and bodily maintenance and there is no time to follow Mahāprabhu’s line and movement. There is no time even to give one hour for mānasī-sevā of Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa. If someone sits down to chant, then quickly Nidrā-devī, [the Goddess of sleep] comes and whispers, “Why have you left me, I will take you in my lap.” Otherwise one will become suddenly hungry and someone will come distributing kacoris, malapuā or ice cream, and they will call you to come eat, saying, “Come quickly, or else everything will be finished!” This is not the process of bhajana. First do bhajana, food for the soul, then take bhojana, food for the body. Mundane people say, “First take bhojana, food, and then practice bhajana. Otherwise if the machine has no oil or water, how will it run? First worship this body and after worship anything else.” This is not the process of siddha-praṇālī.

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